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2031-06-08 11:48 pm

My much delayed intro post....

My name's Ariel. I'm a feminist, musician, and writer. I like to critique pop culture. I don't come around here much lately. 

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2017-03-02 08:34 pm

(no subject)

I really thought I was done crying over my ex. It's been over a year. I haven't cried since November. And yet, thought of her for a moment aaaand tears.


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2017-01-20 09:57 am


I feel pretty sick over our nation's impending doom, I'm not gonna lie. I have a knot in my stomach. It was hard to get to sleep last night.
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2017-01-06 07:40 pm
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Look at this thing I made

Because we somehow got on the topic of Roy's sparkly dragon cock in the chat..... well.... this happened:

Look what you people make me make. :P
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2008-12-07 12:07 am

Writer's Block: Infamous

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In my lifetime, it's most certainly been 9/11/01.
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2008-12-04 06:26 pm

a very cool song

yeah, the lyrics are a bit silly to me(that hollow refrain), but I love that she opens the song with a madrigal, and then proceeds on to an almost r b sound. I just thinks it's a gorgeous song and wanted to share (and hopefully it doesn't do that 30 seconds shit).
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2008-12-04 01:06 am
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Writer's Block: Gone but Not Forgotten

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All the half decent cartoons that were ever on television. Rugrats and Doug both died and it's just too bad. Those were great shows and Nickelodeon and Disney have become utter crap without the great cartoons they used to offer. :(

Sheesh, now we have Zoey 101 and Wizards of Waverly Place x-(
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2008-11-29 12:08 am

Writer's Block: Little Women

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Easy question! Jo Jo Jo! Jo has always been my favorite; she's my sista! We're both very independent, we both have wild tempers, we're both practical (I'm slightly less so, I admit), fairly clumsy, we both value friends and family above anything, and we are both writers(lately, though, I feel like a bit of a fraud calling myself that). Ever since I reread the book a few months ago, I've meant to put together my own 'scribble suit,' complete with a bowed cap of some sort, for when I write :). I think Jo ended up with the perfect person, too. I <3 Professor Bhaer!

I do like Amy, though. I'm pretty sure Meg and Amy are tied for being my third favorite after Joe and Beth. Amy's a good character as well, but getting what you want is sometimes overrated!

It'd sure be nice if I had my own copy to thumb through, but somebody *points at Frannie* has had my book for about two months, hasn't even been reading it, and hasn't returned it. *glares* >.>
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2008-11-24 01:23 am

Writer's Block: Evolutionary Contributions

[Error: unknown template qotd]the passage of Proposition 8 XP
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2008-11-23 02:19 am

Writer's Block: Technology Lends a Helping Hand

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Please quit whoring Best Buy, lj. It's getting rather tiresome.
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2008-11-15 12:11 am

Writer's Block: Annals of Animal Warfare

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Morgloks, of course.

Edit: it is actually Marglox. what a silly mistake.
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2008-11-09 12:55 am
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Writer's Block: Idiomatic Confusion

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If a trip to Urban dictionary can clear these up, I think lj's just gotten lazy. "Waitress in the weeds" means a waitress who's swamped with too many tables. That actually makes sense. Most idioms actually make sense if you think about them long enough.
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2008-11-05 12:40 am

Writer's Block: A Little Light

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2008-11-04 09:59 am

Writer's Block: Secret Ballot

[Error: unknown template qotd] I voted for the first time today. No line! Free stickers! Free Starbucks, doughnuts and ice cream when I show them my "I voted" sticker! :D

Voting is sexy. ;)
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2008-11-03 11:31 pm

So what are you doing to protect my constitutional right to bear doomsday devices?

It's Futurama, so it's worth watching anyway, plus it's funny and makes a good point. So, watch why don't you?

Watch Futurama 207 A Head in the Polls Online Here!